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When need to complain snapdeal lucky draw?

You have several reasons to complain about snapdeal lucky draw because we have received many issues from different resources. So we have shared some questions and their answers below please read them once so that you can get some ideas and if any of these incidents have happened to you, then complaint to us immediately and we will take action on this issue as soon as possible.

  • I have received a call/SMS/email and told me I won the snapdeal lucky draw prize

    • Dear customer, If you received any call/SMS/email and told you that you are the winner snapdeal lucky draw contest and ask for money to claim the prize. Before sending money please complain to us and check your prize status is active or not.

  • I have already give money for snapdeal lucky draw prize but still not receive my prize

    • It is the biggest issue nowadays for snapdeal lucky draw prize claim. If you paid money for your prize and still not receive your prize then do not waste time and complaint today and tell all details with us then we will surely support and solve your issue very soon.

  • I had participated new snapdeal lucky draw contest, but I do not receive any call/SMS/email to verify my ticket

    • You applied for the new snapdeal lucky draw contest but you do not receive any confirmation call/SMS/email. Then you have to need a complaint. Enter full details about and submit snapdeal lucky draw complaint form. After your submission, we will review and solve your problem soon.

  • I have received a call, claiming to offer rewards/lucky draw prizes

    • Wait, Wait...! If you receive this type of call, then you need to check your prize is active or deactivated. Dear customer lots of calls and SMS receive every day, so I request that before taking any decision please contact or complaint us.

  • I have received a call, SMS, or email and demand money to claiming my rewards/lucky draw prizes

    • My dearest customer, if you receive any call, SMS, email, and demand money to claiming your snapdeal lucky draw prize, then wait and do not transfer money or any documents before contact snapdeal lucky draw customer care department. We will share the correct report of your snapdeal lucky draw contest prize.

  • I have not received the winning prize yet

    • Congratulation to won the lucky draw prize and we extremely sorry for you haven't received your prize yet. So you need to the complaint and we will review where your prize is stuck and let us assure you that you will get your prize as soon as possible. We would like to say one more thing that please do you wait for a little because due to receiving a lot of complaints, it may take us some time to resolve your problem. Thanks for your patience.

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